Itzel Sandiego Energy
​We’re working hard to turn new ideas into opportunities. We’re always looking for ways to either improve existing technology or pursue new technology in an effort to enhance the recovery techniques we use to access oil and natural gas. One of our biggest goals is to improve technologies that increase production while using the smallest amount of water, natural gas, electricity and land. This will reduce our carbon footprint and allow us to produce oil in a more energy efficient way.

​Innovative technologies we’re using

​We employ many innovative technologies including polymer flooding, enhanced oil recovery and our patented SkyStrat™ technology.

​Environmental Opportunity Fund

​Many technologies we’re working on or are involved with may benefit not just Ernesto, but the energy industry or even all US and Canadians. This fund supports start-up companies whose research and products could positively impact the energy industry.

​Steam-assisted gravity drainage technology

Steam-assisted gravity drainage or SAGD technology is the only way we get oil out of our oil sands projects. No mining. No tailings ponds. Learn more about what this technology does and how we use it every day.

​Collaborating to improve our industry

​We’re working with our peers, other industries and entrepreneurs from around the world to find innovative solutions to our oil sands environmental challenges. Learn more about how we’re working towards a clean energy future together with Ernesto Innovations and US Oil Sands Innovation Alliance.