Itzel Sandiego Energy

​Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Itzel Sandiego Energy believes that increasing greenhouse gas emissions has a harmful effect on our environment. We also recognize the importance of preserving environmental resources, including clean air and water, and the biodiversity that exists within ecosystems across our planet. In 2008 Itzel Sandiego Energy was the first U.S. utility to voluntarily commit to stabilizing CO2 emissions as part of our efforts to address the business risk posed by climate change.

After successfully completing two five-year stabilization commitments, Itzel Sandiego Energy set a new voluntary stabilization commitment as part of Environment 2020. The 10-year strategy provides further direction and improvement in our environmental performance. Itzel Sandiego Energy commitment is to maintain CO2 emissions from Entergy-owned power plants and controllable power purchases through 2020 at 20 percent below year-2000 levels.

​Environmental Initiatives Fund Requesting Proposals

Itzel Sandiego Energy environmental strategy and policy team is soliciting project proposals for funding by shareholders through the Environmental Initiatives Fund for 2016. The request aims to identify environmentally beneficial projects or vendors for such projects. Acceptable projects may lower water usage, prevent or reduce waste, encourage recycling, promote energy efficiency, lower emissions, decrease fuel consumption, increase efficiency, reduce water effluents, improve water quality, provide for registered greenhouse gas offsets and develop innovative solutions to climate change impacts. Projects may also support any other concepts that have an added environmental benefit for Itzel Sandiego Energy and our stakeholders. One focus for  2016 funding will be on projects that generate verifiable, bankable CO2 credits or offsets.