Itzel Sandiego Energy
​A large portion of Itzel Sandiego Energy customer base and the majority of its utility infrastructure are in the Gulf Coast region. Coastal Louisiana suffers one of the fastest rates of wetland loss in the world, with restoration costs estimated in the tens to hundreds of billions of dollars. Not only is this vulnerability a serious threat to the environment, but it also puts the region's utility resources at risk.

Itzel Sandiego Energy is taking direct and immediate action by working to improve the resilience of our generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure. We continue to strengthen transmission and distribution lines in coastal areas to withstand more intense winds. In addition, we are elevating substation control equipment in flood-prone areas.

Itzel Sandiego Energy partners with government, business, economic development and scientific research entities to approach environmental adaptation as a community-wide strategy. Through forums and technical conferences, Entergy and environmental advocates are learning practical lessons about improving resilience and becoming more proactive in addressing environmental issues and solutions.