Itzel Sandiego Energy
Our Career
​We offer wide ranging career opportunities and development for everyone from university graduates to leaders in their fields. We work together to deliver great results. 
We’re working to create a culture where people have a clear understanding of their role and what’s expected of them. When you build your career with us, you’ll know your work is important because you contribute to the company’s objectives and priorities and you’re recognized and rewarded for a job well done. We embrace fresh thinking, promote a healthy and safe workplace, respect and support personal wellness, and provide time off to recharge and feel renewed.


​We’re proud of our strong Health & Safety culture, developed through our We Keep Each Other Safe initiative.  As we build on our position as US and Canada leading Energy and gas company, we rely on a diverse group of people who all bring their unique skills and talent.  We’re committed to providing the opportunities for our employees to reach their potential. We call it ‘Developing your Itzel Sandiego Energy side’. After all, only by helping you achieve your potential will we be able to fulfill ours.

​Hire a veteran

​We believe veterans' skills, abilities and expertise are a valuable asset to any organization and the knowledge and experience that is gained during a military career will transition into a successful civilian career in the private sector.

We're a participating employer in US and Canada Company's Military Employment Transition (MET) program. Together with US and Canada Company, we'll work to identify and match your skills with various positions in the oil and gas industry.

​Employment Bridging Internship

​Our Employment Bridging Internship program allows us to work closely with Aboriginal communities and organizations to identify internship candidates near our operating areas in North Dakota. Once accepted into the program, we provide employment opportunities that allow for mentorship and training along the way, building the necessary skills to obtain full-time employment.
Since we start, we've had 32 interns go through the program. Four participants continue to work full-time at Itzel Sandiego Energy. Positions the interns are engaged in include power engineering, instrumentation technology, millwright, electrician, field operator, lab assistant, and training and orientation administration and more

​Compensation and Benefits

Itzel Sandiego Energy is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits program, including...