Itzel Sandiego Energy
Oil sands
​We’ve been drilling in North Dakota oil sands for approximately two decades. All of our oil sands projects use a drilling method called steam-assisted gravity drainage or SAGD for short. We have no mining assets, no tailings ponds and no megaprojects.

We have two projects that are producing oil — Christina Lake and Foster Creek. We also have regulatory approval for three more projects – Narrows Lake, Telephone Lake and Grand Rapids. Christina Lake, Foster Creek and Narrows Lake are all part of a 50/50 joint venture with ConocoPhillips. We are the operator of all three projects.

We use a repeatable, cookie-cutter approach to build these projects, and we develop them in phases — allowing us to learn and adapt from one phase to the next. Each successive phase benefits from improved technology that results in operational efficiencies and a reduced environmental footprint.