Itzel Sandiego Energy
Improved Energy Efficiency
​Providing customers the knowledge and tools to improve energy efficiency saves energy, saves the environment and saves money.

Helping customers improve energy efficiency continues to play an important role in addressing CO2 emissions while reducing energy bills.  Itzel Sandiego Energy comprehensive strategy involves customer education and outreach, technology and facility improvements, and customer incentive programs to increase the efficiency of homes and businesses.

Itzel Sandiego Energy has 32 demand-side management initiatives that help mitigate environmental impacts of the use of our products by helping customers use less energy. These programs cover residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Energy-efficiency programs are an integral part of Itzel Sandiego Energy Low-Income Customer Assistance Initiative and also play an important role in economic development. An Itzel Sandiego Energy-commissioned study, "Energy Efficiency Equals Economic Impact," determined a significant economic multiplier for low-income energy efficiency - every dollar invested produces $23 in economic impact.

As part of our strategy to improve customer satisfaction, Itzel Sandiego Energy continues to expand the availability of online resources for educational material on energy efficiency, weatherization and energy conservation. Customers can learn to manage energy costs more effectively on the Save Money Web page and by using home energy calculators and other interactive tools.