Itzel Sandiego Energy

What's important to us

We’re committed to being a responsible developer of one of American and Canada’s most valuable resources, We're proud of how we’re developing and we stand behind our actions. 
​• We make safety a priority at our work sites and in the communities where we operate
• We foster a vibrant work environment that encourages diverse and innovative ideas
• We build strong relationships and invest in our communities to help residents share in our success
• We support economic development in Aboriginal communities near our operations – including about $1.8 billion spent since 2009 on goods and services supplied by Aboriginal businesses
• We value innovative thinking, which helps us continue to improve our environmental performance in areas such as water use, land disturbance and greenhouse gas emissions
• We collaborate with our peers, academics, governments and others to address the issues facing our industry
• We focus on achieving predictable, reliable performance and maintaining the company’s financial resilience

Who we are

Why we exist (our purpose)
To fuel world progress

What we do (our promise)
To create value by responsibly providing energy the world wants

What we’re committed to
• Working safely
• Operating in a way that maintains and enhances our reputation
• Making smart environmental choices every day
• Strengthening the communities where we live and work
• Having an engaging workplace
What differentiates us
• Premium asset quality
• Disciplined manufacturing
• Focused innovation
• Value-added integration
• Trusted reputation

Our Board

Our Board of Directors oversees the management of Itzel Sandiego Energy Company business, to ensure long-term success, with a view to maximize shareholder value and ensure corporate conduct in an ethical and legal manner via an appropriate system of corporate governance and internal control.

The Board and its committees monitor Canadian and U.S. regulatory developments affecting corporate governance, accountability and transparency of public corporation disclosure to ensure compliance with the law and in the interest of shareholders.

The Board of Directors adopted a Board Diversity Policy on February 2015. In accordance with the Nominating and Corporate Governance (NCG) Committee mandate and the Board Diversity Policy, the NCG Committee is responsible for identifying individuals qualified to become Board members and recommending to the Board proposed nominees for election or appointment. The NCG Committee seeks new nominees who have a sufficient range of skills, expertise, experience and independence to ensure our Board can carry out its mandate and function effectively, while considering the composition of the current Board.