Itzel Sandiego Energy
Community investment
​We're striving to ensure the communities where we live and work are stronger and better off as a result of us being there. One of the ways we do this is through our community investment program, where we look to create shared value through our partnerships with community organizations.

Working together to make a positive difference is core to our community investment strategy. We concentrate our efforts in three focus areas: learning, safety and well-being, and sustainable communities. We support a wide range of organizations that are focused on the needs that matter most to the local community.

Our focus areas

We think it’s important to give back to communities. Especially in locations that are closest to our operations and impacted by our work. Through our community investment program we've identified three areas where we focus our efforts. These areas guide our decisions about what projects we choose to take part in and support.

Learning: building strong and prosperous futures

Investing in education helps ensure a vibrant, dynamic future for our communities. We invest in learning by supporting high-impact programs that improve students' likelihood of staying in school, increase graduation rates in our communities and provide life skills that create better futures.

Safety and well-being: enhancing personal health and safety

Strong communities start with healthy communities. We support programs that advance continuous safety improvement and wellness. Emphasis is put on results-oriented programs promoting healthy activities and empowering people – through education and prevention – to live healthier lives.

Community food bank initiatives

In 2015, North Dakota food banks had a 23 percent increase in usage over the prior year. In response to the increased demand, we made donations to 27 organizations such as food banks, breakfast, lunch and nutrition programs and community kitchens across our operating communities. In total, we committed $325,000 to various organizations helping to feed their communities.